To build up communication and a sense of friendship , fellow-feeling and co-operation among all the former students ,teachers , non-teaching staff of the college and to enhance their communication with the present ones.
To arouse feelings of social awareness and participate in social welfare programs.
To be the pioneer in protecting the rich cultural heritage of our country ,besides safeguarding the tradition and values of our college.
To organize seminars in order to spread awareness about the dignity and rights of women.
To participate in various cultural ,sports ,debates and constructive activities of the college in order to ensure the aims mentioned above.


To bridge the gap between the former and the present and to participate in the publications of the college in order to culture the enviable history of our college.
To assemble and produce a list of the names , addresses and other relevant informations about all the alumni so that this may help to cope up the ends of the association.
To help the college administration for the sake of prosperity of the college.
To help the victims of natural calamities.
To support and help the former and present economically unprivileged alumni.
To organize seminars to spread awareness related to health-issues.
To conduct seminars to retain mental stability in any crisis.

Contribution towards the college

10 electric fans in the year 2007
Rs.10000 donated to the college in the year 2010 in order to buy 1o electric fans.
In the year 2013 Praktani friend Mrs.Mamata Samaddar gifted a big table to the college.
SUBARNA MEMORIAL FUND: In the year 2012 Smt. Kamala Roy contributed Rs.20000 which is kept as fixed deposit in the bank ,and the interest of it is used to serve the medical need of an economically backward student of the college.
In the year 2013 Praktani friend Smt.Sandhini Roychowdhury offered a cheque of RS.1OOOO in memory of her father Late Sri. Sudhanshu Bimal Sanatani which is kept as F.D in the bank and the interest of it is used to treat the medical necessity of an economically backward student.
In the same year Praktani friend Smt.Lakshmi Banerjee offered a cheque of Rs.10000 which is kept in the saving account and used for the medical treatment of any ill alumni.
Praktani friend Smt.Madhabi Ghosh contributed a cheque of Rs.10000 which is kept as F.D and with the interest of this amount a prize is given to the highest scorer of the Sanskrit Department every year.

Contribution towards the society

PRAKTANI donated Rs.5ooo to the Aila afflicted in the year 2010 through Ramkrishna Mission.
PRAKTANI made a charity of Rs.5000 to the Ramkrishna Mission Relief Fund in the year 2013 during the Uttarkhand devastation.
In the year 2015 PRAKTANI contributed RS.10000 to relieve the earthquake distressed people of Nepal.

Contribution towards the college library

The founder Principal of Berhampore Girls’ College Smt.Amiya Rao gave many books to the college library.
Former Principal of Berhampore Girls’ College Smt.Kamala Roy gave many Sanskrit books to the college central library.
PRAKTANI friend Smt.Mamata Chowdhury contributed some journals of Ramkrishna Mission to the college library.
PRAKTANI friend Smt.Mary Sarkar contributed some history books to the college library.

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