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Berhampore Girls’ College Praktoni

Praktani Events

Sri. Rajiv Roy (Eminent Lawyer, Kandi Subdivisional Court)

A seminar was held on 26th of January,2015 on “PROTECTING WOMEN’s RIGHTS”. The honorable speaker was Sri. Rajiv Roy, an eminent lawyer of Kandi Subdivisional court.

Smt.Bandopaddhay (Eminent Social Worker)

On the same day PRAKTANI friend Smt.Kona Bandopadhay was felicitated by PRAKTANI. Smt.Bandopaddhay is former librarian of Berhampore Girls’ College. Moreover, she is an eminent social worker.

Miratun Nahar (Eminent Social Worker, Professor)

On, 27th January 2016, a seminar was held on “OPPRESSION OF WOMEN –Home and Outside”. Eminent social worker Professor. Miratun Nahar delivered her valuable lecture then.

Sri Shyamal Gupta (Murshidabad District Judge)

Sri Shyamal Gupta being felicitated by PRAKTANI, Berhampore Girls’ College.

Sri Malay Sengupta (Retired judge of High Court)

On 26th January, 2013 a seminar was held on “LAW in the aid of Women’s Rights”. The honorable speakers were Sri Malay Sengupta, retired judge of High Court and Sri Shyamal Gupta, Murshidabad District Judge (from DISTRICT LEGAL SERVICES AUTHORITY).

Nandini Roy (Former Student)

Former student Nandini Roy shared her experience of conquering terrible mental affliction caused by the extreme adverse situation of being a handicap.

Charity Fundings

Praktoni has always been active in helping the victims of natural calamities around India

Eminent Alumni

Smt. Laxmi Bandyopaddhay (Alumni)

Smt. Laxmi Bandyopaddhay, ex-headmistress,Shilpa Mandir Girls’ School, Berhampore (1951-1955).

Smt. Kona Bandyopaddhay (Alumni)

Smt. Kona Bandyopaddhay, ex-librarian, Berhampore Girls’ College and also an eminent social worker (1950-54).

Praktoni Magazine Covers

Praktoni has produced magazine covers from the year 2010 to 2013

Magazine Cover'10

Magazine published by PRAKTANI in the year 2010

Magazine Cover'11

Magazine published by PRAKTANI in the year 2011

Magazine Cover'13

Magazine published by PRAKTANI in the year 2013